Stockport Beer and Cider Festival takes place within the “Cheadle End” stand at Stockport County Football Club. The stand provides level access for spectators in wheelchairs to view football matches.

However the venue only provides limited level access as used by the Stockport Beer & Cider festival. There is level access to the ground floor where entertainment, food, bottled beer bar and bar nouveau (beer) are located. There also access to the mid-level of the stand by lift. Disabled toilets are available in the mid-level of the stand.

NOTE there is no level access to the main beer bars, cider bar, CAMRA shop & charity stall. Access to this area is only possible by 20 steps down from the mid-level of the stand or up 19 steps from the ground level. Assistance with purchasing beers, ciders etc. can be provided by the CAMRA customer care team who can be identified by their distinctive polo shirts.

The venue has its own car park and it is possible to stop outside the ground floor access doors.

We will not charge an entrance fee for carers who are attending to assist a disabled visitor.

Easy Access bus services (11, 11A, 309, 310, 368 & 369) are available on Mercian Way with stops 240 & 310 metres away from the front door.