Once again we're running the Bar Nouveau - a bar featuring an exclusive range of brand new beers that are making their debut at the festival. This is the first time these beers have been made available for sale, so this is a chance to try something you definitely won't have had before!

Some of the beers featured will have been brewed by professional microbrewers in collaboration with the winners of our Home brewers competition - keep an eye out for details of the winners.

All our bar nouveau beers come from top class brewers so we're sure they'll be a hit - try them and let us (and their proud brewers) know what you think.

Our brand new range is so new, we're not even sure what we're getting! Rest assured that there will be around 12 new beers to try - and we'll have a cask of each beer for each session of the festival, so no matter when you come, you stand a chance of being able to try them all.

Please remember we have a limited stock, though - so they're likely to run out quickly in each session. We can't guarantee every beer listed will be available during your visit.