Entertainment - What's on when?

Excellent drinks shouldn't be served in silence. To fill your ears while you empty your glasses, we've assembled a superb range of artists. Who's playing when you'll be at the festival?
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Thursday Night

Fred Loader & The Big Guns

Fred Loader and The Big Guns

Superb south Manchester Cult Folk/Americana/Blues/Country band founded by talented folk singer Fred Loader who has played with the likes of Richard Thompson & Donovan joined by his son Rob and friends who add soaring harmonies, bass, mandolin, guitar and violin. Knocking out obscure English and American Folk, always popular accompanied with a drink. 

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Friday Afternoon

Leaf Promotions Showcase

Returning for their fifth year at Stockport Beer Festival are locally-based event organisers, Leaf Promotions.

Since Leaf's first ever event in 2005, they have developed a reputation for fusing together the finest original  musical talent from across all genres to create truly memorable gigs.

Leaf continues to strive to provide a platform for new bands and artists to get the attention they deserve, with a policy of giving opportunities to acts based on pure ability, not just how many people they can bring down to an event themselves. In turn, they've built a huge following in the areas where they currently run their nights, on the back of the quality of their acts. At the time of writing they run eight regular monthly events around the Northwest, as well as providing entertainment for various beer and music festivals throughout the year.  They are looking to build on that even further in 2019.

Leaf will be providing a mix of acoustic acts and full bands during the mid and late sessions on the Friday this year, under the name of their regular event, the "Leaf Showcase".

Here's to checking out the next generation of the region's unsigned talent!

The full lineup will be announced nearer the time on their social media pages so go ahead and give them a like now!

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Friday Evening

Field Manual

Field Manual

Field Manual, based in Macclesfield, will be bringing their Alt-Americana-inspired, road-trip rock to the Beer Festival this year. Influences include War on Drugs, Christopher Cross, Kurt Vile, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.

They will be headlining the Leaf promotions Showcase session on the Friday evening.

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Saturday Afternoon

Stockport Ukulele Players

Stockport Ukulele Players

Now a regular sight and sound at early doors we welcome Stockport Ukulele Players an informal group of ukulele enthusiasts who gather to sing and play together every week.

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Saturday Tea Time

Ten Million Suns

Formed in 2017, Ten Million Suns came together at Stockport’s Viaduct rehearsal studios where Matt (Vocals) was introduced to future band members Peter (Bass) and Andy (Guitar). The line-up was finally completed when Liam (Drummer) joined the band in January 2019.

Playing songs from the likes of punk legends the Sex Pistols, The Clash, Undertones and Indie Icons Blur, Oasis and Pulp the band have crafted a sound that is both energetically raw and sophisticated. The band are currently recording a demo which includes their own take on a couple of the 80s most memorable classics. Ten Million Suns are set to explode onto the local live music scene and unleash a wave of sound that will captivate audiences and leave them wanting more.

Who are Ten Million Suns? Matt McDonagh is the bands main vocalist, harmonica player and spiritual leader. Matt’s tuneful melodies cut through the sound-scape like a knife through butter and his sophisticated Manchester twang fuses the band’s repertoire into the distinctive Ten Million Suns sound. Matt has played with The CB600s, Revival, The Hoovers, Cardiac Arrest and Midnight Crisis. Favourite songs include My generation, Oh well and My babe by Little Walter.

Andy Hawkshaw plays guitar and is the only non-Mancunian band member hailing from Newcastle. Andy’s solid rhythms and intricate solos ensure that the sound is credible from both a punk and indie perspective. Previous bands include Moon, Pimlico, Smith6079 and Junkgods. Andy says that “There are too many good songs to mention”

Peter Ressel plays bass and drops in an occasional backing vocal. Many of the songs in the set have been selected because of their strong basslines and Peter delivers them with real joy and the compassion that they deserve. Previous line-ups include The Faraway Tree, Pimlico, Big Orange Hero and the Tasers. Being a true 90s indie kid his favourite songs are Here comes your man, I am the resurrection and Blue Monday.

Liam Finnigan is the band’s drummer and main backing vocalist. Liam is the youngest member of the band and his energy and technical ability put the icing on an already pretty decent cake. Liam has played with The Bug, Jake Mattison and The Golden Firs. Favourite songs include Gimmie Shelter, Shoot you down “For the drumming” and Heroes.

“Prepare to be consumed by the brilliance of Ten Million Suns.

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Saturday Night

Baked A La Ska

Back by popular demand after blowing us away at last years beer festival, Baked A La Ska are the “heavy heavy sound” of Manchester, a super charged 11-headed ska monster on a rampage through the dance floors of the UK leaving a trail of skanked out bodies in their wake.

It’s a band of assembled oddballs and pranksters brought together by keyboardist and wizard Mr John Ellis, fronted by an un-holy trio of singers: Frank “The Skank”, Tommy Robot and Kuntri Ranks, who combine with the soft lilt and harmonica magic of Robin Sunflower. Baked A La Ska also feature one of the tightest rhythm sections in Manchester with the "chops to make you drop".

The band have release four acclaimed albums showcasing their trademark mix of spaced out and spooky originals plus quirky covers that have been put through their ska machine.

Baked A La Ska are synonymous with legendary shows at Manchester’s Band On The Wall and have performed riotous sets at the Kendal Calling, Matthew Street, Saddfest and Hungry Pigeon festivals.

For more information visit www.bakedalaska.biz.