We require helpers on Friday 26th May and then right through from Tuesday 30th May to Sunday 4th June, plus half a dozen volunteers for Monday 5th June to help to put the stillaging and equipment back in the container.

If you can help in any way please complete our online volunteer form. Helping for as little as 1 hour could mean someone else getting a well deserved break.

If you are not sure whether your skills will be needed contact the Volunteers Officer or Festival Organiser and enquire.

Work involved

Setting up - Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday 26th, 30th and 30th May

This is when the major engineering occurs: scaffolding for the casks is erected, casks are moved into the venue and loaded onto the scaffolding, the bar is built and all major equipment is installed and commissioned. This is followed by the bar volunteers working their magic on the casks, cooling them, venting and finally tapping them.

Thursday 1st June

9am to 3pm
We need to make the venue look presentable. Posters are put up and banners are erected. Bars are polished and products displayed.
The countdown begins - doors open for the Trade session (special invite only) in half an hour so the main bar needs manning with serving volunteers; glasses need to be prepared; entrance hall, tombola, CAMRA shop etc all need attendants standing by.
The doors will open to everyone in half an hour so all bars will need to be fully staffed.
The doors open, or at least they will if we have volunteers! Please arrive early so that you are already at your post when the doors open. This saves the undignified rush to beat the customers to your post!

Thursday 1st June - Saturday 3rd June

The Festival is in full swing so all departments need staffing.

If you are working from the session's opening time can you please try and turn up early so that you are already in post when the doors open.

Please, please, please will all other volunteers try to turn up on time, we may be relying on you so that another volunteer can leave and visit their gran, mum in hospital, wife(!) or any other deserving cause.

Sunday 4th June - Knock down

All the equipment has to be dismantled and stacked ready for pick-up on Wednesday morning. Casks have to be sorted ready for collection. Posters, banners etcetera need to be removed and the building made ready for return to Edgeley Park.

Monday 5th June - Container Morning

We may require half a dozen volunteers to help unload the van and put all the stillaging back in the container. Transport will be available if required, please let us know your availability in the Notes section below

Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th June

We may require a couple of volunteers to supervise the collection of casks. If you're able to help out on these days, please let us know your availability in the Notes section below.

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Please note that confirmation of your hours is not normally given

Festival opening hours: Thu 5.30-11; Fri 12-11; Sat 12-11

If you volunteer for an ‘open’ session, please arrive 30 minutes before the start of the session to ensure that there are sufficient volunteers for the festival to open on time

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Please submit your completed form as soon as possible - we need to know as early as possible that there will be sufficient volunteers to set up, run and take down the festival

Volunteer guidelines

The festival volunteer guidelines will be given to you before you start work at the festival. These guidelines include a copy of the CAMRA Volunteer charter.

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